Atlanta Wedding Photographer | Jamie + Jason [engagement]


This was truly an incredible shoot!  The past few months have been a tough road for me when it comes to my confidence and security in what I’ve chosen to pursue, however this shoot became an awakening for me.  The week leading up to this shoot was so stressful! I don’t know if it had to do with the fact that my client was a dear friend of mine, or the fact that all of my research into this field lately has left me with a feeling of not knowing how I could ever fit into this ever-expanding world of professional photography.

I arrived to the shoot on that beautiful Thursday afternoon with such an insane case of the jitters that I was worried if I’d even be able to perform; this was, or course, due to the fact that my nervous appendages had taken on a mind completely of their own.  As I approached Krog Bar, I prayed for the ability to tap into that creative self lost down there somewhere, and hoped I would be able to give my friends something they truly deserved; photos that would reflect that undeniable love they’ve birthed between themselves.  I rounded the corner, and in a millisecond, a feeling of relief swept over me as I peered through the bar patio and saw Jamie and Jason dressed to impress in vintage gear that screamed, “Dude, we got this”.

Jamie & Jason, I just want to thank you for allowing me the creative freedom and opportunity to shoot such an important event for you guys.  I look back on the experience and can’t help but be thankful for those jitters; we dug deep and, in my opinion, were nothing short of successful!

Please enjoy a few of my favorites from the shoot below.  Thanks for checking out the blog!! More to come…

Jamie & Jason – Thanks for reminding me that, “I got this!”. Can’t wait for the wedding later this month!!

Joe O’

here is a link to the slide show…

Ariel M. - Dude. You have a blog! So proud, man. These images look great. And the layout works well.

Ariel M. - Joe, you owned this. Very impressed. Congrats. Looking forward to more.

Tiffany - OMG!! Knowing both you and Jamie for so long, I still have chill bumps and teared filled eyes! So talented.

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