Atlanta Wedding Photographer | Jamie + Jason [wedding]

A Season for Giving Thanks, Expressing Love, & Having A Damn Good Time Doing It!!!

I feel as though I should take a minute to reflect on this couple and what these images mean to me:

I met Jamie in high school; here was this beautiful, and brilliantly artistic girl living in my neighborhood who, from the beginning, inspired me to dig deep and find my own creative self buried deep within.  At the time I was your typical, baseball playing high school kid who liked to doodle cartoon characters instead of taking notes in class.  I was given the opportunity to take Jamie to school every morning that year, and during that time, she made me late almost every morning!! Haha.  Well Jamie, my tardiness on getting these images back is pure pay-back (you know I’m kidding).

The friendship that grew from those tardy mornings is nothing short of exceptional.  I was given the opportunity to meet an incredible person that somehow managed to find an equal.  From the moment I met Jason, I knew he was the right one for Jamie.  Their chemistry, both on and off camera, is just incredible!

Those early jitters during the Engagement Session truly helped guide me through the process of shooting your wedding.  I feel as though I learned so much more about the both of you, and I can’t express the happiness I’ve recieved from being a part of such an important event in your lives. I hope you, and everyone else enjoys these images as much as I do, and I will always remember the words that popped in my head whenever I had you and Jason in front of my lens, “Dude, we got this…”.

Love you both, and I hope that life brings you nothing but happiness as you start a new venture together. Cheers and enjoy!!!


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April Vinton Forshee - Good work, Joe! I love this wedding!

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