Atlanta Wedding Photographer | Christy + Cote [river wedding]

Christy + Cote |  10.01.01

Wow…what to say about this couple, this wedding, and the emotional attachment I have with these images.  This is most sincere attempt…

This marked my first wedding whereupon I came to meet two complete strangers, and after two shoots, I walked away being a better person for having met them.  From the moment I was greeted at their front door by James ( “Cotey” ) to shoot their Engagement pictures, I knew I had met some very special people.  It took only 2 hours of walking a colorful path to the river for me to not only call them incredible clients, but friends as well.  It was then that I became utterly ecstatic to photograph their wedding; I knew an insanely fulfilling celebration was headed my way in the near future.

My assumption could not have been more correct…

We started the day off in a cozy Buckhead salon with incredible mid-morning light seeping in as if to invite us all into the mood, and prepare us for the awesomeness to come.  The mood itself was pure lavender in essence; I felt an overwhelming calm flow through me as I watched Christy’s transformation from a beautiful woman to a beautiful bride. Christy was cool, collected, and has been ready for this day since Cote placed a hand-made grass ring upon finger. (so cool by the way 😉 )

The events that followed: make-up, guests arriving to help set up, group hugs, and words of praise from their friends and family completely swept me away… Everything flowed seamlessly.

The true beauty of what I get to do has never been overwhelming until this day.  I not only photographed two people that are incredibly in love, but I learned from them as well. I want to thank you both for bringing me in and allowing me to attempt to capture the feeling that was ever-so present that windy October afternoon.

As I edited this set, although the colors were amazing, I truly felt that seeing them actually took away from the overall feeling.  With permission from them both, I decided to strip it to the core, and only post in black and white.  Sometimes, I feel as though a lack of color allows us to really look at an image, take in the action, and process the moment. I truly hope this shines through.

Chisty + Cote, I am truly blessed to have been a part of such an incredible event.  I really did learn from you both; you’ve taught me to stay true to myself and my craft, and if nothing else, to always “Celebrate Love”.

Thank you both.

P.S. – In case you missed their Engagement session, you can check them out HERE


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