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A Fresh Start

This is a quick post of something very special to me…If, you spent much time with me in the 3-4 years, I’ve probably filled you in on idea; a dream,

“There will be a shoot one of these days [once I have the space] that will allow me to do a certain type of shoot that’s cool. Haha, basically it involves human parts, and a 3D form…something like that.”

For those of you that got more than that, I apologize, haha.  I’ve wanted to do something about this for years now, and now that a new year has come about, why not start!?

I love photography;  it’s potential, its vision, and obscurity.

I plan to keep this idea going until the “Big Finale”, and I hope you join me on this venture…

Thank you @brookeshaden, @jeremycowart, @missaniela, for selfless education and information. Can’t wait to bring myself to life.



jones - Dig those incongruous drip lines

Rebecca O'Daniels - This is amazing! Love it! Glad I can be a part of it babe! xoxo

J. Mills - Damn, Joe!
This is awesome stuff, great image!
Can’t wait to see what’s coming up next…

joodaniels - Thanks John! Keep a look-out!

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