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“A Year in the Making”

Well…it’s finally here.  My very first wedding I ever shot (Jason + Rella) was delivered on a DVD with their names hand-written on it!! A few weddings later, I would spend hours designing a custom DVD sleeve cover and DVD label…I have actually always loved the process, knowing that  I was delivering a part of myself to a client, as well as delivering a part of themselves at the same time.  I’ve always had a hard time separating myself from the idea of everything I deliver to a client/friend must be hand-made by myself, however I have finally found a solution.

After a year of researching multiple companies, multiple designs, numerous web pages and blogs, I came across some products that spoke to me on a spiritual, ethical, and professional level. I present to you all, the O’Studios Photography Wedding Memory Package.

Being a newlywed myself, I understand the issues that come with wedding budgets and financial disabilities; this is why I have taken every effort to insure that my clients experience and appreciate every dollar spent on their wedding photography services; after all, the only physical representation of the best day of their lives resides in the physical and photographic memories of the event.  This is why I felt as though my images, and the way that they are delivered, should make them feel as though their hard-earned money was well spent; now you know why this process took as long as it did.

Everything within the O’Studios Photography Memory Package is custom-designed and hand-made with the exception of the custom USB drive.  Your package begins with a custom, hand-made hemp slip cover designed and crafted by artists at LOKTAH from all-natural materials.  The “Memory Box” within is also designed by the same company (please check them out).  I also use LOKTAH for my wedding albums.  Once the box is opened you will find a smaller, hand-made pouch made by Forshee Designs that will blow your socks off!! Within the pouch you’ll find the essence of your wedding on a custom designed, bamboo USB drive by Flashbay.

All products are made from natural materials, with the exception of the USB drive, and are all custom-made to fit the O’Studios brand.  Once again, I can’t convey the excitement that comes with using outside companies that share a similar mindset as us to give our clients something that is not only beautiful, but  worth their hard-earned dollar at the same time.

I hope that you enjoy these beautiful products as much as we do, and that you’ll give these other amazing companies some love as well.


Joe + Becca

Jamie - Beautiful! I love all the thought and dedication that you put into your product. Can’t wait to see more and more of your work….and it’s gorgoeus packaging 🙂

Terri - Nice packaging. I know you are proud.

Ariel - Love it!

Rebecca O'Daniels - Something cherished should come in thoughtful packaging! This looks perfect!

matthew hernandez - this is so beautiful.

joodaniels - Thanks Matthew!

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