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“The Queen of the Factory”



Wow, OK…where to start?  I have been itching to post these images for a while now as I couldn’t be happier with them! In case you missed the Sneak Peek , here are the details of the shoot…

As a NotWedding photographer for the Atlanta event in 2013, we were required to put together a pre-event session; this could be an engagement session, bridal session, etc.

Fashion photography has always been a secret passion of mine so I decided to go with a high-fashion shoot based on Andy Warhol’s muse, Edie Sedgewick.  Andy named her the “Queen of the Factory” in that her beauty, and overall essence,  captivated his factory studio.  Edie was a true light in a dark place, and darkness always seemed to find her…this, however doesn’t negate the fact that her beauty and innocence always shined within the shadows.

The concept was easy…take a gorgeously styled bride and place her in harsh/dilapidated surroundings and let her beauty and soul take the reins.

I want to first thank The NotWedding for allowing me the opportunity to express myself, and to for awarding me the pleasure to work with such an amazingly talented group of individuals (listed below).

Also, this session was published at the Bride’s Cafe Blog! Our first publication to date! You can check out the post HERE.  Be sure to show some love!


Location:  Pullman Yard, Atlanta

NotWedding Bride & Groom:  Zac & Lauren Harrison


Hair & Make-up:  Claudia Mejerle of Claudia Mejerle, makeup & hair

Stylist:  Anna Hopkins

Floral Design and Location Props:  Sherry Donnelly of Gertie Mae’s Floral Studio

Dress Donation:  Abriel Rose of Fabulous Frocks Atlanta

All you guys rock!!


Joe O.

Amelia - Love!

Terri - Wow, these are AMAZING!!! I bet it was hard for Bride’s Cafe Blog to choose which ones to feature. I love them all and am so proud of you!!!!

Sonal - Great job, Joe! You definitely capture the high fashion look and drama. The model looks absolutely beautiful–styling and hair & makeup did a great job as well. I think this could be the start of big things for you!

Kimberly - AWESOME job, Joe! These photos are breathtaking! They have such an editorial feel to them. You should do more high-fashion shoots.

Lisa - l.o.v.e these! Awesome work! Such great contrast with all of these. :*)

Sherry Donnelly - Can’t stop looking….your lighting technique is to the moon! xo

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