Atlanta Photographer | Jamie + Jason [ maternity ]

“Something New”




This particular session marks such an extraordinary point in my career for a few reasons…

First and foremost, I have had the honor of sharing an engagement, wedding, and now the start to a gorgeous family with these two amazing people.  The feeling that comes from knowing you’ve shared, and been asked to capture, incredible moments in a single couple’s life is what photography is all about for me.  Thank you Jamie & Jason for inviting me in.

This shoot also marked my first experience working at the home of O’Studios!  I’m so happy that it has started with a bang, and can’t wait for what is to come in the future!

I always like to try things out of my comfort zone…after talking with Jamie, we both agreed on experimenting with a more artistic approach to maternity photos; focus on the art, the moment, and the superb beauty that lies within the transition to motherhood.  You guys are the coolest!

I hope you all enjoy the beauty in these photos as much as I did.  Either way, please show these guys some love for being awesome.  😉

Love you guys.


Amelia - I love every little goose bump of these images, Joe. You have visions and deliver like it’s nobody’s business. Very well done.

Allyson Warrington - Stunning! Can’t stop looking at your work 🙂

Burgandy - I love that you found a couple that allowed you to do this. It’s simply beautiful. It goes much deeper than regular maternity photos. Amazing job! 🙂

Rita Regnier Yvarra - I’m a very close friend of Jamie’s (getting to know Jason) You’ve helped me overcome the big age-gap and see her as this stunningly sensual/sexual woman & not only my young soul-daughter/friend. Only an artist can help show different sides of someone. Job well done – Bravo!!

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