South Carolina Photographer | Aubrey [ one-year session ]

When I started O’Studios I seriously avoided baby sessions…I’m not sure if it was my fear of working with kids, or the fact that I felt my style had no place in the realm of “child” photography.  I’ve done a few of these sessions now and I’m really starting to love them.  My concept and approach is simple and a mirror image of my approach to all other shoots.  I love photographing people…big or small, and I’ve found that youngsters provide so much personality on their own that there’s really never a need for posing them.  So there you have it, if you contact me for a newborn, one-year, or family session this is what you can expect.  If you’re looking for lemonade stands or props you’ve come to the wrong place. 😉  What I can promise however, are images that capture memories and the personality of your beautiful creation; I will photograph my own wee ones in the same way one day!

I made my way to Lexington, South Carolina to meet Aubrey early one Saturday morning a couple months ago with the expectation of getting some early evening light.  Naturally, I wanted to make sure we had ample time to get as many “money” shots as possible; Atlanta traffic had a completely different approach, which ended up being a saving grace for this shoot. 🙂  I was greeted in South Carolina with amazing hospitality from Nicole and Ryan, and perfect timing to catch some true “golden hour” lighting.  I had such a fun time with this family.  We literally put Aubrey on the ground and let her do her thing and the rest is history.  I love the natural essence of these photos and the memories attached to them.  There’s nothing I enjoy more than knowing I helped create something that will be cherished for a lifetime.  Thank you guys so much for believing in my photographic vision and for letting me share a great evening with the three of you!

Be sure to show Aubrey some love 😉



Amelia - Absolutely stunning, as per usual. This takes my breath away!

Nicole Regal - Thank you so very much for doing this for us Joe! You are amazing at what you do! I couldn’t have asked for anything more when it came to capturing Noodle being Noodle. I can’t wait to watch her grow through your lens!


GiGi - The pictures are breath taking! I cried just looking at each and everyone. I have to say that you did a outstanding job in each and every shot. Aubrey is my grand daughter and am glad you decided to take a chance and do the shoot. Again the oictures are beautiful, and most of all its Aubrey being Aubrey.

Sonal - Nice work, Joe. Aubrey has such beautiful, expressive eyes. I especially like the shots with the bokeh and bright green background–they compliment her outfit and complexion very well.

Ray Hoth - Nice job Joe!I can’t wait for you to meet my daughter someday!;-)
I think every family with kids should have “memories” like these taken for their children 😉

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